Will New Windows Save Me Money?

When you consider remodeling your home, one of the first things to consider are the windows in your home. When you replace your windows, you can customize the treatments, allowing an openable window where before there was a static pane, or dividing a picture window into smaller windows. If you have a vintage Portland home, it’s assured that replacing those original windows will save you money and add quality to your daily life. Even though we have a mild climate compared to, say, Chicago, our winters and summers can take a toll on the energy bill. Not only will new windows save you money on your present bills, it is also a key first step towards maintaining the value of your home. This post will discuss three aspects of new window treatments which can save you money:

  • Double-pane Windows
  • UV-Protected Glass
  • Window Frames

Double-pane Windows

Selecting double-pane windows is probably the best decision you can make. These windows are a bit more expensive than single-pane, but they are excellent insulators. As their name implies, they are composed of two panes of glass. Between the panes is a hermetically-sealed vapor barrier between your climate-controlled interior and the outdoors. In the winter, the outside cold air doesn’t steal your interior heat and so that summer heat doesn’t get inside. Double-pane windows also dampen exterior noise. So, if you live on a busy street, or just want more quiet while you sleep, the double-panes will provide a sound barrier.

UV-Protected Glass

When you select glass which as been coated with a heat-resistant material, even single-pane windows will increase your home’s efficiency. The coating blocks infrared light so that your heat is trapped inside during the winter, and then summer heat is kept outside during the summer. If your home has a large picture window which gets lots of light, or if you are installing skylights, consider purchasing glass with this treatment so that those windows add beauty to your home and save you money on the power bill.

Window Frames

No coating or number of panes can help if your window frames leak air. Nowadays, the technology around window treatments has advanced so much that now you have a choice of many different window frames. Vinyl and fiberglass are the best choices and, once they are installed, you will likely start to see immediate savings on your power bill. These frames are built with chambers inside which act as insulators. The chambers also increase overall strength and noise reduction.


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