Portland Building Permit

Every home that is being remodeled in Portland must meet the requirements set by the city or county, or even the state, to avoid serious penalties. Many people opt to remodel their homes without applying for and receiving permits, forgetting about the laws and consequences. Every homeowner needs to apply for and receive permits before actual work starts. This is something we take care of for you as a part of our process.

Permits can be expensive but you should not let that stop you from getting one. The cost is usually based on the dollar amount of the remodel. Remodeling permits cause delays to homeowners work as well as being much trouble to obtain; it’s always good to ensure that a permit is obtained before starting any remodeling project.

·         A homeowner will be fined by the city authorities if they find out that work is non-permitted. Even though it is expensive to get a permit, homeowners should be sure to get one because the penalties could cost triple  the amount of the original permit fee.

·         A contractor operating without the proper permits is illegal, but it may be a way for them to skimp on costs to you. Therefore, it is even more important that you do not go with the lowest bid. There is just too much risk in doing so.This is a problem that many homeowners have encountered and thus the work done is not done perfectly.

       What Happens if I Don’t Have a Permit for My Remodel? 

·  The city officials may issue you a stop order if they find out that you have no permit for your remodel. The stop order will remain until you have the proper permit in place. This will further delay the home remodeling process. The requirements of the Portland city building codes is that the building should be inspected first prior to remodeling so as to make sure that it is up to the city’s set standards.

·         You may have to re-do the remodel if the house is inspected and they find out that it does not meet the requirements of the building codes in Portland.

·         Failure to obtain a remodel permit will affect any insurance claims arising from the remodel as they are not liable for any non-permitted work. Non-permitted work is not covered by homeowner’s insurance and therefore if the remodel is not done in a proper way and something happens, you should be ready to bear the cost.

Always ensure you get a permit before a remodel, so as to avoid unnecessary expenses after the city building officials find out that your work is not permitted. The permits can be a hassle to obtain but they are worth it because you will have done things the right way from the beginning. Go for your permit or hire a licensed contractor who will get the proper permits for you.

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