Vinyl is low maintenance, will never rot or require painting, never pit or flake, low conductivity for energy efficiency, affordability, and long lasting durability.  Not all vinyl frames are alike.  Over the years we have selected the finest quality products through experience.  Some of the factors that are very important to a quality vinyl window are the number of chambers (the more chambers, the stronger the frame), the quality of the vinyl itself, (low quality vinyls have less titanium dioxide and will yellow prematurely); and finally, some manufacturers simply pay more attention to quality and detail.

Wood – Some homes demand wood windows. When you consider the architectural warmth and beauty of wood, there just is no substitute. With a little more maintenance and initial installation costs, your home will never look the same. Demand for wood replacement windows has increased significantly and many manufactures now offer affordable wood windows.

Fiberglass and composite-frame windows are the newest options. Both are strong, maintenance-free and more energy efficient than vinyl. And at a price roughly between vinyl and wood, they’re also affordable