Types of Bathtubs

In the modern bathroom landscape, there are so many different types of bathtubs that it can make your head spin. At one point, there were little more than the old claw-foot tubs. These new tubs offer a bathroom remodeler a host of options to enhance their décor and to add new functionality to their bathrooms. This post discusses a few types of bathtub:

-In-Ground Tub

-Claw Foot and Free-Standing


-Bath and Shower Combos 

In-Ground Tub

An in-ground tub is an elegant choice which gives a bathroom the look of a modern spa. If you can step down into a hot pool of water, you know you have reached the height of luxury and style. Adding massaging jets to the tub will only enhance the experience and inherent luxury of the bath experience.

Claw foot

Once considered horribly out-of-date, a free standing claw foot tub is at once distinguished and extremely stylish. These utilitarian tubs can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, and some have been placed directly in the middle of the space, making their classic charm the centerpiece. To add a bit of privacy and functionality to the tub, consider ringing the tub with a shower rod so that heat of the tub can be contained for the duration of the bath. While a shower curtain may seem to take away from the simplicity of a free-standing, this addition can be stylish and useful, particularly if the room is large and  features a high ceiling.


Built-in tubs can be the standard design, or they can have a more elegant touch. Building a tub into a custom alcove can lend the tub the sort of coziness and privacy not often found in a free-standing tub. The options here are limitless. Choose the sort of custom style you wish to surround your bath with, and create what you like. Consider building around the base of the tub so that you take a step or two up into the tub area. If you elevate the basin by a foot or two, you’ll have a mini-oasis from the stress of the week.

Bath and Shower Combos

Bath and shower combos are the most prevalent in Portland homes these days. This is a great option for most families who don’t have a lot of space to separate their showers and bathtubs. When remodeling, you’ll find that there are a lot of options for the particular size and design of the tub, and there will be choices for the fixtures, too. There are more ways to adjust hot and cold water than there are bathtubs, it seems.