Portland Replacement Windows

When you remodel your home, one of the top items on your list needs to be your windows. Windows not only add to the overall beauty of your home, but they increase its efficiency and the overall comfort you have on a daily basis. Replacing old, inefficient windows may also help you maintain the value of your home, as the market increasingly values energy efficiency. This post will discuss a few ideas for your next window upgrade: 

Double-Pane Windows

UV Treated Windows

Double Hung Windows

Bay Windows 

Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are perhaps the most efficient you can choose. As the name might imply, they are composed of two panes of glass separated by a hermetically-sealed gas barrier. This barrier acts as an insulating factor, so that the cold air outside does not chill the interior pane and steal the heat your furnace is working so hard to create. In the hot Portland summer, the windows act as a barrier from the heat. You and your family will come to value double-pane windows when the next heat wave creeps in.

UV Treated Windows 

UV-treated windows are a good idea no matter if you’re installing double-pane or single-pane windows. The treatment blocks heat from passing through the window. So, when the heat is outside during one of our heat waves, you’ll be nice and cool inside. On the other hand, when you’re buckling down on a cool, rainy Portland evening, your heat will be kept inside by those same windows. The expense of installing the windows will soon be offset by the savings you find on your utility bills.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows are a unique choice for a smaller room which needs ventilation in the warmer months. A double hung window can open from the top and bottom, allowing air to circulate and allowing warmer, rising air, to vent out from the top portion of the window. I’d consider installing a double hung window in a bathroom where there is only one window. Adding the versatility of opening both halves will be a welcome change in any smaller room.

Bay Window

Install a bay window flanked by casement windows to add new interest to any room. With the window protruding from the house, it may catch more light. Use this window as a showcase for light-hungry house plants. When you crank open both casement windows, you’ll find that the extra ventilation is a welcome relief during our warmer months.


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