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We love what we do. You can tell from our results & the testimonials of our clients.

Here is what people are saying about Paul Cottle Construction:

Paul of Paul Cottle Construction is justifiably proud of the work he does, and is highly conscientious. During the initial interview, he arrived on time, and provided good information about his products and services during the initial interview. I chose the Ply Gem Professional grade triple-pane windows because I was very happy with the price this company offered.

Paul’s business associate Carmen then provided a complete and accurate online estimate for both the windows and installation. Upon my agreement to the contract, Paul took detailed window measurements, and checked them twice. After placing the order, Carmen provided an accurate delivery date from the window company. Paul stopped by later on the delivery date to make sure the windows had been shipped — and because the window company had not stored them where I wanted (while I was away), Paul immediately moved them to the right spot.

Installation of all nine windows followed promptly, taking two days. My older vinyl windows had been glued into the house frame and covered by wood slats inside, requiring very careful removal from the outside of the house. Paul knew what he’d be dealing with after his initial assessment of the job, so he brought new exterior wood framing to replace the old, and cut it on site for a proper fit. Both he and his employee did careful and exacting work with installation: the caulking line is super-thin on both the interior and exterior, because the windows are such an excellent fit. Clean-up was complete and thorough, both inside and out.

Now, even on the coldest mornings I don’t need to wipe up condensation on the windows when I pull up the shades. I like these new energy-efficient windows, and am confident that the interior of the house frame will stay dry because of the excellent installation work. Companies like Paul Cottle Construction make me wish that Angie’s List had an A+ recommendation — this company earns it through Paul’s integrity and attention to detail.

M. Kelly, Portland, OR

I was looking to replace all windows and requested bids from 5 installers. This was the first time we were getting our windows replaced. We had replaced our patio doors earlier and that project had not gone well, hence we were careful in all the bids and the contractors for this project.

Paul and Carmen (co-owners of this company) came and took measurement and explained to us in our preliminary meeting on how the project would be done. They explained in detail how the windows would be removed and the installation process which included details such as the weather stripping, caulking, and a unique metal flashing on the top of the windows. None of the other bids we got went to such an extent to ensure complete weather proofing of the windows. All of the procedures were AAMA certified (I called AAMA to understand the process).They also ensured that the fins on the windows were not cut and the windows simply “fitted” into the opening. Instead, they cut the siding, removed the old windows and put screws (not nails/staples like other contractors proposed) through the fin holes. Next they installed 3 inch framing around the windows from the outside and caulked it (matching the color of the house paint).All materials were removed promptly after each day of work.

Paul and Carmen are extremely professional in their work and more importantly are a pleasure to work with. They listened carefully to our needs and satisfactorily addressed any concern.

The most important aspect of this entire project was the quality of worksmanship that they exhibited. On a Friday evening before they left, we thought that one of the windows could be fitted better. Over the week-end, Paul called to assure us that he would reinstall the window and when he did, it was perfectly done.When they say that they work on your house as if its their own, they really mean it. They are their own best critics (a quality hard to find now a days where everybody is interested in turn around time).The entire project was not only competitively bid, but was of very high value. We would recommend them unequivocally for windows installation.

Nish Parkih, West Linn, OR

Paul did a terrific job installing a double pane vinyl picture window in our living room and procuring and installing a quality sliding door screen  to our deck. We had a special need for “animal proof” screening for the windows and the sliding door. He handled our situation without a problem. Paul is polite, professional and thorough. He honored the coupon deal and his price for the entire project was lower than all competitors we called. In short Paul is terrific and I would not hesitate to hire him for another project.

Although he was very busy at the time, Paul was always on time and kept in contact with us throughout the entire project. His price was more than fair and he handled a couple minor problems with grace and professionalism.

Donald Newman, Portland, OR

Paul and two workers, Perry and Mark, were knowledgeable and professional.  They were willing to give advice to me as I was erecting a greenhouse along with helping me..  A very positive experience.  Paul was willing to exchange some of the signed for work with other work e.g. I decided to not change a hall or hang a door and Paul agreed to hang a special order front door instead.  This has yet to be done due to other commitments by Paul and the late arrival of the door.  Yet, I have no worries that he will keep his agreement to do so when he can spare a worker.

The workers did extras and were meticulous in their work.  I could not believe there were such workers still around.  Paul is a very honorable man and his word is his bond.

Scott Olson, ST. Helens, OR

I requested a bid for replacement of a sliding patio door and several windows in my 1928 bungalow.  I did receive several bids.  Carmen and Paul were both responsive and professional in providing the estimate as requested.  I chose them on this basis, although I did replace only the door at this time.

They were always punctual and called if they were even slightly behind schedule.  They took the measurements and ordered the door.  It was installed as scheduled – there were a few quirks due to the condition of the siding and previous installation, but Paul did a great job in the installation.  He was very considerate about leaving a clean work site.  I will most certainly use Paul Cottle Construction in the future.

John Latkovich, Portland, OR

Paul Cottle Construction has helped my husband and I with numerous projects, starting  out with the replacement of a few windows and vinyl siding repair. He did a great job. When we decided to add an addition to our home which required multiple new windows and a complete tear off of the vinyl siding and installation of new hardy plank siding we knew who to turn to. He did a fabulous job. He cares about the quality of his work, he takes pride in a job well done, is prompt and courteous. My husband and I highly recommend him.

Peggie T, Portland, Oregon

There is no substitute for experience, work ethic and overall great attitude at a job site.Paul has worked with me on several projects, bringing years of construction experience and acquired skills to the table that proved to be invaluable. From rough construction to interior and exterior finish work, Paul shows a willingness to tackle difficult jobs with dedication, timeliness and an eye for detail. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a dedicated professional to perform work of lasting quality.

Charles Cates, Rocha Builders LLC, Portland, OR

Paul resided our house a couple of years ago. He did a professional job and stuck to his estimate except for adjusting to repair some unexpected dry rot. His prices were reasonable, and he was very courteous and did a great clean-up. The house looks 100% better and no problems have arisen. Would I use Paul again? I already have!

Sb LeTourneau, Portland OR

Paul Cottle is a rarity in the construction industry. Not only is he a true craftsman, but he’s professional and trustworthy. From project beginning to end, he did everything he said he would do and more. We never had to worry about anything. Plus he’s very reasonably priced. I want eveyone to know that he exists.

Nancy Topol, Tigard OR

We were getting our deck installed and during support installation against the siding of the house, the worker noticed that the siding was a bit soft. On further investigation, he found that there was a water leak from the kitchen sink that softened the studs and the siding.We called Pual Cottle Construction and the very next day they were there (I later on learnt that they did some re-scheduling to come and give us an estimate).The deck installation company had to stop installing until the studs and the sidings were fixed. It was an emergency situation for us.

Since the damage to the studs and siding was not known, we signed a contract of time and materials.They worked very efficiently and effectively to remove the sidings, install studs and other support structure. The leaking pipe was replaced and also an outdoor electric outlet that was not functional.We did not have to go to a plumber, an electrician, and a carpenter to get this complex project done. They did it all.In our hour of need, they stood by us and did not take advantage of our situation.We were extremely impressed with the work and would hire them again without hesitation. Infact, this is the second project that they have done for us and if we ever have another project come up, they would be the first we would call.

Nish Parkih, West Linn, OR