Storage in Small BathroomsWhen we remodel a Portland bathroom, it sometimes seems like there’s only room for the tub, vanity, and toilet. Perhaps the new bath is in an attic where space is at a premium, or its simply a smaller bathroom built as part of the original plan. Yet, despite the small space, we still need to find room to store our towels, cleaning products, or other items. There are solutions for these problems and there’s no bathroom capable of foiling the creative problem solving Portlanders are so good at.

You’d be surprised to see the solutions we’ve found when faced with the myriad bathrooms found around our beloved Rose City. We can build storage towers into the wall to provide space for a column of towels, or a floating vanity with open shelving beneath may allow a decorative and functional storage space. Building shelves into the wall alongside the vanity mirror may be an option, or a custom, free-standing armoire may fit behind the door, providing needed space inside and even on top!

High ceilings open up even more options for us to consider. We can install cabinets high enough to not bang our heads, but accessible with a long reach or a small stool. The bathroom may suddenly be where you store seasonal items or supplies for your favorite craft projects.

We can also look up, to the ceiling. Hanging baskets or other multi-hook racks can be cleverly placed to add storage to a tight bathroom. These simple solutions are also attractive additions suiting the overall look and feel of your home.

When considering cabinetry, there’s no need to think inside the boxy cabinet! Unique and custom alternatives can be crafted from wooden barrels or other materials. Your Portland bathroom remodel is by no means a time to stop being creative and expressive.

Shallow shelving may be yet another alternative to hold those small jars of q-tips, toothbrushes, or decorative nick-nacks. We can look at traditional or even more avant-garde ways of arranging these shelves, putting items at varying levels may provide an added aesthetic aspect to this most utilitarian of rooms.

First, though, we’ll need to assess your needs. For a Portland bathroom remodel, we want to make sure that your small space reflects you and your personal sense of style. Then, we need to determine what sorts of items you intend to store in the bathroom. When we consult and assess the room itself, we can work together to discover the perfect solution so that you will be forever proud of your Portland bathroom remodel!