Small Portland Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas

You’ve got a small bathroom which needs a remodel. It doesn’t fit with the rest of the house and it’s so small that it’s almost an afterthought. But, it’s the small things that count. If you’ve spent all of the time and energy into beautifying the rest of your home, shouldn’t that room receive the same attention? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.


  • Skylights
  • New windows
  • Glass block walls
  • New light fixtures

There’s nothing like extra light to create a sense of space. If the bath is in the attic, you might consider installing a skylight. If it’s in the basement, it may be possible to add a window or glass block to increase the light. Bathrooms which share no exterior walls can use new fixtures and a brighter coat of paint to bring the added light. You can install new cabinetry and hang new mirrors to make better use of the existing light.

Pedestal Sinks

A pedestal sink may be just the thing to create a sense of space in your small bath. A traditional vanity cabinet is large and boxy, where a pedestal is sleek and nimble. You can install an extra shelf or a space-saving cabinet for your toothbrush and other items.

Floating Vanity

Installing a floating vanity with storage beneath retains the utility of a standard vanity while giving the illusion of added space. With a white granite top, the unit will brighten the room, further enhancing the space.

A floating vanity also relies on horizontal lines to give a sense of expansion. You may want to avoid this design element in our clothing, but in a small bathroom, it’s exactly what you need!

A Personal Sense of Style

Your small bathroom can be consistent with the rest of your house, carrying through a design from the room adjacent to it. Or, maybe you plan to give the room its own design, setting it apart as a mini-retreat from the rest of the house. This is Portland, and we love celebrating individual vision. You can work together with a contractor to create something which you can be proud of. Maybe you’ll want to peruse a wide selection of reclaimed counters and fixtures to give you an idea of exactly what you want.

A craftsmen can design and implement a vision customized to you and your lifestyle. Once we’re done, your little bathroom will be exactly the finishing point your home deserves, the detail which brings all the rest into high relief.