Portland Windows

We’re replacing the windows in a beautiful house on SE Division in Portland which got me thinking more about how important it is to replace old windows. Windows are so vital to the overall feel of a house. They allow light through those dark, rainy Portland winters, and they bring in the smell of our roses all summer. The presence and quality of windows in a house is often a deciding factor when choosing a place to live. In this article, I’m going to look at a few issues related to windows:

A sound environmental and financial decision.

New windows improve quality of life.

Value of the home is protected.

Milgard quality windows 

Efficient and Fiscally Prudent

So, I’m looking at this job and I see the windows we’re taking out. They’re old beauties. Wooden, single-pane windows which have lasted nearly a hundred years in that same house. It’s almost a shame to take them out, but the homeowners want to increase the efficiency of their house. Those old beauties probably were little protection against even the slightest breeze and I bet they made the south side of the house hot as blazes a week or so ago in the heat prior to the 4th of July. They are making a decision based as much on environmental concerns as they are thinking from their pocketbooks.

Quality of Life Enhanced

My clients intend to stay in their house for many more years, so they know that their new windows will save them money every month and may well pay for themselves in a few years, versus single-paned windows. Super-efficient windows facing Division will cut down on traffic noise, and also keep the sun from over-heating them on those particularly hot days, like what we had in the week before July 4. My clients will see their overall quality of life improve due to the power of the Milgard windows I’m installing for them.

Protect the Value of Your Home

It’s probably true that upgrading their windows will also help to protect the value of their home, should they ever choose to move. If you were considering two otherwise equal homes and one had double-paned windows and the other didn’t, I bet you’d choose the one with a higher efficiency rating. You’d effectively save money by buying the home with double-paned windows.

Milgard Windows Deliver Quality

I always stand by my window vendor, Milgard. They are a Pacific Northwest company which has won awards for their excellent product.  They offer outstanding customer service and a full, lifetime guarantee for as long as my clients live in their homes. With such a wide array of window types, window coatings, and frame styles, they are really hard to beat.