Window Installation in SE Portland

Summer is a great time to think about upgrading your home. The rain has stopped and the weather is absolutely perfect for working on windows, roofs, and any other projects you have in mind.

Now that it’s warm, we don’t think quite as much about our windows. Portland’s glorious summer weather means we can keep them open all day and only close them if the night air is too cool for us. There may be a few days where we want to run an air conditioner, but those periods generally don’t last very long, certainly not long enough for most of us to consider installing central air. For the average Portlander, the only function of a window in summer is to keep a breeze from blowing away our camping and hiking maps from the kitchen table.

Remember Winter?

These are nice problems to have. But, it’s important to look ahead to winter. For those of you who need a refresher, it was a few weeks ago. During winter, it is cold and rainy, remember?

During the dark and cold months, you find that older windows are not well-sealed and may leak heat out of your home all winter long. The house is a bit drafty and even your favorite sweater has a hard time keeping you warm when you go to the basement to find the snowshoes or skis.

This is costly for homeowners and is a waste of energy in general.

So, now that the weather is so nice, replacing windows won’t be such a problem. While the work is going on, you won’t be inconvenienced with cold air in the home and all of the work can proceed seamlessly. Unless the aroma of the neighbors flower bed is problematic, your Portland home can be refitted with beautiful windows with no fuss whatsoever.

So, take the time to select the best possible windows. Check the energy performance ratings of your new windows, and compare the various styles to make sure you are selecting windows which suit your décor as well as function as you would like. For instance, you may prefer double, or triple hung windows which can accommodate a fan for hotter days, or you may find that you prefer the ease of hand-crankable windows that louver away from the house.

One of my personal preferences is Milgard windows, which is a Tacoma company. They have a wide and varied selection of windows which will surely suit your needs. Milgard’s award-winning windows come with a full guarantee for as long as you live in your home.

Now’s the season for new windows, Portland! Beautify your home and save energy and money, too!