We’re proud of the work we do for our clients. Whether we install a new kitchen or bathroom, build a new room onto a house or do a gut-rehab, we always take time to appreciate the good work we’re fortunate enough to do. We hope our pride is felt by our clients as time moves on and they continue to enjoy their remodeled homes. We seek out our client’s opinions once our job is done, to make sure they’re happy and proud enough to recommend us to others. We collect those testimonials on our website (http://paulcottle.wpengine.com/testimonials/) and we hope you’ll take a look at them.

I received one comment from Nancy T. in Tigard which I was particularly proud of:

“Paul Cottle is a rarity in the construction industry. Not only is he a true craftsman, but he’s professional and trustworthy. From project beginning to end, he did everything he said he would do and more. We never had to worry about anything. Plus he’s very reasonably priced. I want everyone to know that he exists.”

That sums up everything I try to do as a professional. I want to provide top-quality craftsmanship in a professional and courteous manner with competitive pricing. I’ve been around the business long enough to know that not everyone holds themselves to this standard. Of course everyone would say that they have a high standard for work, but it’s really only true if their clients agree.

Here’s how I get testimonials:

– We follow the ‘Golden Rule’ in our company – treat others how we want to be treated.

– Our employees take pride in our reputation.

-No customer is paid for a positive review.

-We use customer testimonials verbatim for our website and marketing materials.

When we finish a job, we make sure everyone has an opportunity to let us know how we did. We don’t offer any special perks for their comments. I’ve heard that some websites do business that way and that other contractors might give special gifts to clients for a positive comment, but I don’t believe in that. If I’ve done my job right, a client will want to let me know regardless of any gift.

We want to know the truth because everyone on my team takes pride in a job well-done. I hire top-quality craftsmen and they believe in more than collecting a paycheck. They believe in measuring twice and cutting once. They are diligent in making sure the job is done right, that every board fits perfectly.

Of course, we use every customer comment exactly as it was written. I know from writing this blog how carefully some people choose their words and I respect that and honor it in all of my company’s materials. I hope you will take a look at our testimonials page to see what our past clients have to say about us (http://paulcottle.wpengine.com/testimonials/). Of course, I can tell you to take my word that we do a great job, but I’d rather you hear it from them.