Portland Home Remodeling Tips

Recently, I came across an article on the NARI site. NARI is the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and they had a comprehensive list of items to take into consideration when planning a remodeling job in the home. I’d like to discuss a few of the items from their article which stuck out for me, which I think you’ll find interesting: 

  • Containing Costs
  • Labor and Materials
  • Creativity
  • Pre-Finished Items
  • Bathtub Tips

Containing Costs

When setting a budget for a remodel, take a look at what is available and what you can afford. You may love a particular countertop, but find that it’s too expensive. So, shop around to find a less-expensive model which will have the same or comparable look. If you really must have granite, for instance, consider finding cheaper flooring or cabinetry to cover the expense. A budget is a great way to discover what your priorities are for a remodeling job.

Labor and Materials

While slate tiles may be in your budget, consider that they will take a long time to lay on the floor. Labor costs might exceed your budget. Consider, too, that labor costs can vary since a job may end up taking more time than anticipated. So, if you must have that labor-intensive item, make room in the budget for labor costs, too. If this is too much, consider other materials which may suit your needs.


Search the Internet, ask friends, and consult with builders to discover different ways to achieve your goals for your remodel job. For instance, you might consider re-used items for your cabinets or you may find that a simple paint job can give you the look you desire. You might paint the trim a different color, or paint a border around a wall to  create a sense of depth in a smaller room.

Pre-Finished Items

This goes for trim especially. But, if you can order your trim and cabinets already finished with the sort of coat you’d like, you will save your self a lot of money and time. NARI also recommends saving money by ordering finger-jointed grain as opposed to clear vertical grain.

Bathtub Tips

Rather than purchasing a whole new bathtub if you can reglaze the old one, you will save a lot of money. I’d recommend only getting a new tub if it’s absolutely necessary. If you’re too tall for the old one, and there’s room for a longer one, see if you can find a used tub. That will be cheaper and you can then reglaze that tub.