Looking to remodel your master bath? Take a look at a recent job we completed for some inspiration!

This bathroom was a master bath, but the functionality was just not there, not to mention that it was a dated style from the 1980s. It had these tiny mirrors above each sink and a huge counter space in-between that no one could really use because there was no mirror.


iginal Vanity Mirror

Here’s a picture of the other sink and mirror:



We typically start over when it comes to cabinetry. We have a great cabinet maker and custom cabinets are a great addition to any remodel. Plus, we like to double-check all of the plumbing and everything like that to make sure everything is in great working order.

Here is a photo of the demolition:

Portland Bathroom Remodel Projects


More demo:


SW Portland Bathroom Remodel


And the construction of the new vanity begins! This is going to bring the sinks closer together, and also leave room for getting ready with a much larger mirror that not only opens the room but is a lot more functional. We also updated the linen closet cabinetry which you can see on the left.


Portland Bathroom Remodeling Project


Prepping to get ready for the sink and countertop:

Portland Remodeling Project Counter Prep


And the finished vanity and counter with a nice granite countertop and tiled backsplash:

Finished Bathroom Remodel


Here you can see in the linen area two switches, which are for the heated floor we installed. Sure a necessity in the cold Northwest!

Heated Bathroom Floors!

Here is a shot of the finished sink and you can get a good look at the granite countertop. I usually send my clients to a rock yard to pick out their own granite slab. This is a really fun way to be hands-on with your remodel, and a lot cheaper than picking out a premium slab somewhere. You can see they chose under mount sinks, which are really popular right now, and then stainless steel hardware for the sink.

Finished Bathroom Sink

Here you see the original shower, which we ended up taking out and putting the toilet there. You can see this is an older stand-up style with a gold trim.

Portland Remodel Project - Shower

Here is a photo of the removed shower. You can see how small this is compared to what you will see with the new shower we put in, but perfect space for a toilet!

Portland Bathroom Remodel Projects

Here you can see the ceramic tile that our customer chose for their home. We lay all of this before we place the toilet.

Portland Bathroom Remodeling Project

We also put in an over-the-toilet custom cabinet so all of your toileting needs can be kept close!

New Cabinet!

This one was a pretty thorough job where we could do a lot since we were installing the heated floor. We moved the heat register out of the main walkway to under the cabinet where it is out of the way.

Pre-demo photo here:

Pre-Demo Floor

We love a good demo!

Bathroom Floor Demo

Here is the heated floor – you can see the mesh we are laying down with the heat coils inside. Simply ‘turn on’ your floor before you step in the shower and when you get out, there is a nice warm floor for you to get ready on!

Heated Floor!

Here is the old toilet location and you can see the old tub – this is where the new, larger shower is going. Notice the old window because that is going to change as well.

Old Tub


Now we clean out the area and put in the new shower pan.


Shower Pan


Here is the new window and the framework for the shower. You will notice we are putting in a seat for them to relax in the shower and also a handy cutout, for soap and shampoo. All will be custom tiled.

Custom Shower

Here you can see the tiles, large and small with a nice pattern and then small tiles for the shower floor. Notice the nice clear glass door as well. These give a nice open feel to the bathroom and show off the nice tiles. They are a much more popular item now than the old frosted glass doors.

Finished Shower

Here is a closeup of the floor

Finished Tile Shower

And the seat

Portland Remodeling Project

Notice the rain showerhead. You can also notice the detail of the tiles.

Custom Shower Head

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