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There are many construction companies and independent contractors in Portland. It’s easy to find someone to remodel your home, but how do you find confidence that they are the best to do the job? This blog post will discuss several aspects of my company, Paul Cottle Construction, and why we should be the choice for your next home-improvement project. 

Full-Service Company

We can tackle just about any construction job you have. We can replace windows, install new bathrooms, and renovate your basement into a livable space. We do restorative work such as fixing water damage, mold clean up, and insurance repair jobs. We work on tile. We install seamless countertops. We even have design and architectural services at your disposal. Once you see the level of professionalism we bring to even the simplest job, you’ll know that you have found a company to rely on for all of your future household needs.

Spotless Reputation

We’ve won awards. Angie’s List, the Internet review site, gave us their Super Service award in 2012. We are also good-standing members of the Better Business Bureau. We also have over 30 years of experience working in Portland homes and so we are a vital member of the community. We have a tremendous track record to maintain and protect, so you know that we will provide the service you expect. You can also check our website to find testimonials from our former clients.

What About Installed Service Workers from a Big-Box Store?

The big-box retailers will try to steer you towards an installed sales (IS) worker who will come to your home to install the items from the store. These workers do not provide the level of service or professionalism a company like Paul Cottle Construction can. They are paid to merely install items in a home. My company is paid to take care of a client’s needs. So, if we install cabinets in a kitchen, but find a few rotted boards, we can alert you to this issue and replace them so that your home, and new cabinets, are protected for years to come. Since we are a full-service construction company, if we find that a leaky pipe has caused damage to part of the home, we can do both the carpentry work as well as the plumbing necessary to ensure that the leak wont cause more trouble later.

Lastly, those contractors will not be able to consult with you on other aspects of your home. We will be available for your call when you decide to match the countertops to your new cabinets, or when you decide to add a new bathroom in your attic.