Paul Cottle Construction offers skills and experience for kitchen remodeling projects in the area. A high standard of quality and accuracy is part of every project.

PRESS RELEASE: Portland OR, 17-AUGUST-2014 – Paul Cottle Construction and owner, Paul Cottle, are pleased to announce that the knowledgeable and experienced contractors can bring their expertise to kitchen remodeling projects in the Portland region. The use of top quality products and construction procedures is reassuring when construction projects are planned. The Portland remodeling authority has been providing satisfactory services for years.

Speaking in a recent interview, Paul Cottle explained, “Upgrading the kitchen space often makes the difference between feeling the need to move to a new house and staying in the existing home which has been made more functional for the needs of the residents. Appliances can become dated. Counter tops and floors can become worn and scratched. Your color scheme may be out of fashion. These are all projects which can be accomplished with our remodeling team.”

“We have the knowledge to assist with designing the new space in a way that will satisfy the homeowner while taking advantage of new products and styles that may have become available since the original kitchen was built. As a design-build firm, our abilities can help with budgeting constraints as well as maintaining quality.”

The firm has experience in managing large or small projects. There is long-standing relationships that have been built with suppliers so that price breaks are common on the best quality products. Better quality often means a longer useful life for the project components. The construction company is happy to participate in the project at the level desired by the homeowner, from full management to completing a specific component.

Learn more about kitchen remodeling services by paying a visit to the web pages found at today. Members of the press and those who have further questions about the details in this press release are encouraged to contact Paul Cottle at the location presented below.

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