From planning to putting on the finishing touches, the professionals at Paul Cottle Construction work with customers through every step of remodeling or renovating homes and small commercial establishments.
Portland, OR–September 20, 2017-Paul Cottle and his team of professionals at Paul Cottle Construction want the public to know that

they provide design, architectural, and engineering services for residential and small commercial renovations and remodels.

Home-improvement projects can be stressful. The Portland remodeling contractor assists homeowners at every step of the process to make it as hassle-free as possible. Most projects begin with a consultation to determine which areas of the home need attention. Teams work with homeowners

to select the right elements for the remodel, and do their best to ensure customer satisfaction as they see the project through to completion.

Once plans have been drawn up and the right materials selected, remodeling professionals take care of any plumbing, electrical work, or installations that have to be done. The remodeling contractor uses quality materials and maintains high standards without going over budget. Remodeling
professionals can transform any part of a home, from a kitchen or bath to the garage. Some clients want to do extensive renovations, while others opt simply to update their cabinetry or lighting. The home-improvement teams at Paul Cottle Construction have the knowledge and experience to work

with clients on projects large and small.

The remodeling contractor combines functionality with stellar craftsmanship to complete renovations and remodels that not only complement the style of a home or business, but also provide practical solutions so clients can make the best use of their living areas and work spaces and keep energy costs reasonable.

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