Learn about the design services at Paul Cottle Construction and get your free consultation today!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR – May 20, 2017 – Paul Cottle Construction is pleased to announce that they offer free consultations for design services. For consumers looking to remodel their home, this offer is designed to help minimize the stress that is often associated with an all-out remodel or learning how to design each space in your home after a remodel.

Many consumers have an idea or feeling about the look they want for each room of their home or office, but have a hard time making that come to life or what exactly it is that would make their vision a reality instead of a disaster. With each consultation, Paul Cottle asks himself, “Would you do this to your own home?” This principle has served his customers well for over 30 years. The focus is on the best quality, not the most expensive.

The Design Services at Paul Cottle Construction will focus on a room’s size and focal points, such as a fireplace, when picking out furniture. To help people visualize the room with well placed furniture it in, they can draw your perfect vision out to scale for you so you can get a better sense of the space. At the consultation, you will learn how to group furniture together in a way that is both functional and pleasing to the eye. Color, accessories, and furniture style will all be discussed along with a free estimate for design services.

Paul Cottle Construction is a residential and small commercial home improvement and remodeling contractor Portland based. Besides design services, Paul Cottle Construction also offers installation, plumbing, electrical, and planning all the elements necessary for the successful completion of a project. To make it easier to remodel or design your home, Paul Cottle Construction also offers financing, some options have zero percent interest. To learn more about Paul Cottle Construction and their design services, they can be reached at 503-419- 8688 or you can fill out an email request here.

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