When you have water damage, there is emergency assistance available after an emergency situation of flooding water through Paul Cottle Construction in Portland, Oregon.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR – 20, 2017 – When you buy a new home, you can feel the pressure right away. If a house has not been inhabited in years, you may have water damage from the previous owners and need to get a remodeling contractor. Water Damage can cause issues on every floor if it happens in a multiple floor residence. Sometimes you also need to do the electrical wiring again and check for any other safety issues that come up. Once something gets wet, it can get permanent damage. You also have state and local codes that need to make sure they are being followed. In other situations, if you already live there and are flooded out, you may be able to get deductible assistance.

Call Paul Cottle First

There are a lot of home remodeling contractors in Portland, Oregon, but only one has received the Prestigious Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2011, Paul Cottle Construction. Time and time again, Paul Cottle Construction had been recognized for their exemplary and customer satisfaction. They can get the job done on budget and on time and get you back to living your life.

Paul Cottle Construction Can Do Multiple Projects

This contracting company specializes in multiple projects. Some of these are:
• Architectural design of the home
• Plumbing work from installation to repairs
• Renovating individual rooms and adding new sections to the home.
• Electrical wiring of the entire home to setting up new rooms electrical work
• Major and minor repairs of the residence from roofing, damage from water or gutter cleaning.

What are the Benefits of This? Someone who is able to engineer all the way to plumbing and electrical work will cost much less than hiring multiple employees to do different jobs for you. Paul Cottle Construction can take care if all your remodeling needs without having to worry that the job won’t be finished. That is the issue with too many hands in the pot. You have to play construction manager and watch each contractor to make sure they are doing their jobs. With Paul Cottle, you get the best of all worlds. Visit their website at http://www.paulcottleconstruction.com and get your project started right away Contact Information: Paul Cottle Construction 4420 NE 54th Ave Portland, OR, 97218 (503) 419-8688 www.paulcottleconstruction.com