Angie’s List has continually recommended Paul Cottle Construction in Portland as a top service provider in the area

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR – June 20, 2017 – Since 2011, Angie’s List has continually recommended Paul Cottle Construction as one of the top contractors in the greater Portland area. During this time, the company has serviced hundreds of clients, many of whom have returned to Paul Cottle Construction for additional remodels.

Angie’s List is a rate and review service that provides in depth analysis of contractors and service providers throughout the United States. With it, millions of customers around the country have identified providers to work with and found who they should avoid. It is why a recommendation from Angie’s List is so valuable to companies such as Paul Cottle Construction. It shows that the company is providing its customers with the very best service and customer care.

For anyone living in the greater Portland, OR area looking for home remodel services and considering Paul Cottle Construction, know that not only does Angie’s List have the company listed as a trusted contractor since 2011, but Paul Cottle provides free consultations before any work is done. This way, a customer has an idea as to what a project is going to cost and entail before they ever sign a contract. Paul Cottle knows how vital this kind of peace of mind is to his customers.

The goal of Paul Cottle Construction is to offer customers the very best construction and contracting work from the very first point of contact to the very end of the job. Working with a contractor should be a pleasant experience, yet far too many customers receive less than desirable work. With the backing of Angie’s List, Paul Cottle Construction ensures everyone who contacts them fair treatment and the best services around. Anyone who is interested in receiving construction services can reach out and contact Paul Cottle Construction at their convenience.

Contact Information:
Paul Cottle Construction
4420 NE 54th Ave
Portland, OR, 97218
(503) 419-8688