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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR – December 20, 2017 – Whether you need just a few extra touches in your kitchen or need a complete remodel, trust Paul Cottle Construction to add cabinets, an island or to refreshen up your existing space. Homeowners have a lot of reasons to remodel. Sometimes, they’re hoping a remodeled kitchen will increase the value of their home. Other times, the functionality of an older home doesn’t work for a modern family. Paul Cottle Construction can help you these and other projects.

Reasons to Remodel

Here are other things to think about if you’re planning to spruce up your kitchen.

Energy Savings. Adding skylights brings in more natural light and can reduce the cost of lighting your home. Energy-efficient appliances and solar water heaters are other ways to reduce your bill and cut down the stress on the planet.

Special Needs. If someone in your household has become disabled, installing lower cabinets can make it easier for them to manuever in the kitchen. Paul Cottle Construction can also help you remodel your kitchen to be wheelchair accessible.

Change. Sometimes, after years or decades of using the same appliances, you simply want a change. The current kitchen might be functional, but just unappealing. Whether it’s installing new appliances or something smaller like changing out hardward and updating the cabinet doors, Paul Cottle will be happy to work with you to design a space you’re happy to be in.

Gourmet Kitchen. If you like to cook and want to be able to prepare fancy dishes, consider transforming your basic kitchen into a gourmand’s dream.

The Paul Cottle Difference

We have over 30 years experience in residential and small commercial construction, Paul Cottle is the kitchen remodeling contractor you can trust in Portland. Call us at (503) 419-8688 or visit our website today to make an appointment to discuss your next home improvement project.

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