Are Milgard Windows Any Good?

If you are deciding to do a full gut-rehab of your kitchen, or are just kicking around a few ideas, this post is for you. I’ve been installing kitchens in Portland for years now and have assembled a great team of builders and I’d like to share a few kitchen layout ideas with you. Below, you will read about the following designs:







In a very large space, you might consider a zone design. This design has areas for prepping food, eating and cleaning. You might have a high bar top for eating with a separate counter dropped down below that can be used to hold extra dishes or simply for use as a preparation area.


A galley kitchen is something very common in older homes or at least home from the 50s and 60s. Nowadays, we can dress up a galley kitchen with the very best appliances, cabinets, and countertops, making this one-person kitchen a bit of cozy luxury. In this design, you might consider using wall-mounted ovens and a cooktop that can have storage beneath. Especially useful in tight urban condos, a galley kitchen can be a thing of real beauty.


The L-shaped layout is always a popular choice. With an L-design that keeps the fridge at an end, you will find that the workspace is traffic-free while you prep and cook. If you like company and would like to increase the utility of the kitchen, add an island where family and friends can gather to nosh on appetizers while the main course is being prepared. An island can also have shelving or cabinetry beneath, increasing the storage of the kitchen.


A U-shaped layout completes what the L-shaped kitchen started by adding another wall of cabinets, counters, refrigerators, and maybe a freezer. When you add an island in the middle, there is room for friends or family to enjoy the kitchen ambiance.


Complete the new kitchen design with lighting fixtures that will provide ample light to cook and prep by, but that also allow for a degree of energy efficiency. It’s common to have one or more hanging fixtures over the island to give diners a little light on their meal. I like adding a dimmer to those lights so that you can bring ambiance even to a meal eaten in the kitchen. Your lighting can also be enhanced with a large window. Some clients like to put planter windows in their kitchens, so they can have a small garden of herbs or maybe just a few ferns and a stone statue of some sort. The extra light they bring will be welcome by all.