When we remodel a kitchen, a big part of the job is usually taken up with installing a new floor.  There are so many interesting and creative solutions to what used to be a rather simple question. In this post, I’ll write about a few ideas to help you figure out what to use for your kitchen floor. I’ll discuss:


-Porcelain Tiles

-Terra Cotta





Bamboo is a great option. It’s a great hardwood look and is very durable, so can withstand the heavy traffic the kitchen usually sees. When you consider that a kitchen floors worth of bamboo can be re-grown in a few months or so, it’s definitely the way to go if you are concerned about sustainable building materials. Did I mention that it also looks fantastic?

Porcelain Tiles

I’ve seen porcelain tiles lain in such a way that mimics a grain like wood. Wooden floors are terrific, but if you have plumbing problems then suddenly you have flooring problems. Tiles are water-resistant and can be easily replaced, if need be.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta tiles give a kitchen a neat old-world look. When you use 3-4 inch square tiles, their variety in color and texture adds variation and authenticity to the kitchen. There should be bread baking!


Linoleum is another sustainable flooring option. We’ve been using this material so long that it’s easy to forget that it’s actually very environmentally friendly. It’s made from solidified linseed oil pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate. The process of making it is environmentally friendly and when you replace it, decomposes nicely. Some products which are sold as linoleum are actual polyvinyl chloride, which is not environmentally friendly, so make sure you get the product you really want.


You could go high-end and install marble floors. I’ve seen a few of these and they really are stunning. You could do a checkerboard of marble, or use black-marble accents to offset a largely white space. In a white kitchen, marble brings the room to the next level of sophistication.


Hardwood is always a perfect flooring option. It can look rustic and worn or a blonde wood can be finished and polished to gleam like the finest marble. Around these parts, you can possibly find some reclaimed douglas fir to use in the kitchen. Go with wide planks for more of a cabin look. You could also create a design with the boards, offsetting how they are arranged, mixing diagonals into the design. Use a wax/oil finish to keep the kitchen as environmentally friendly as you like. Above all, be creative and make the kitchen floor reflect your personal sense of style.

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