Kitchen cabinets can be an expensive replacement in the kitchen. Often, they require custom work and that can run up the budget for your kitchen remodel. However, it is rather easy to give your cabinets a whole new look with nothing more than a new coat of paint and updated hardware. You can get as creative as you like. This post will discuss a few ways to make over your cabinets.

The Long and Short of a Makeover

Very simply, what you want to do is to remove the kitchen cabinet doors, refinish them and replace them. You can select new hinges and handles along the way, too, which will complete the update. You can go from old-fashioned ornate handles to sleek pewter for a contemporary design, or you might scavenge through stores which specialize in older hardware and find true vintage pieces to take your 1970’s kitchen back to the 1950’s.

Patterned Door Facings

If you want to get really creative (and what Portlander doesn’t?), you might create or purchase stencils for your cabinets. Anything from simple fleur-de-lis to ornate ivy designs are possible. Follow your heart, but try to think in terms of a simple design. The kitchen in a place for cleanliness, so the design on the cabinets should follow suit. But, there’s no harm in adding a little spice to your kitchen design.

You could get a bit fancier and cut out a pattern on the door. Trace your design on the door and then cut it out using a drill and a jigsaw. Sand the edges smooth and then paint or stain.

Curtained Cabinets

If your cabinet doors are glass, you might change things up with curtains. Repaint or stain the wood your favorite color and find some fabric to match. Then, simply affix the fabric to the inside of the door. Create pleats in the fabric and cinch through the ″waist″ with matching fabric strips. You can simply staple the fabric to the inside. Make sure to fold it neatly or hem the ends of the fabric to give a neat appearance when the doors are opened.

You can get fancy with your paint job by alternating colors on the door panels. To give a sense of depth, paint the door’s border with a darker color and use a lighter hue for the interior.

Open Shelves

One interesting option is to do away with cabinet doors altogether. Remove the doors and hardware and fill in the screw holes with wood filler. Sand down the filler so that it won’t be noticed when you paint. Strip the open cabinets down, sand them, and paint everything in your favorite color. Then, fill the cabinets with some fancy or unique dishes, and you’ve just transformed your kitchen.

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