What is a kitchen without appliances? Basically, it’s just a room to store food. The right appliances can take your kitchen from a food storage location to a place you enjoy making food. A kitchen is a functional room where we create meals. Appliances make that magic come to life. This post will give you a few thoughts on appliances to help you with this all-important part of the kitchen remodeling process.

Warming Drawer

Placing a warming drawer in the kitchen island can solve the problem of a latecomer to dinner, or for when a meal must be delayed for a few minutes. It’s so hard to coordinate schedules these days with commuting times which can be extended with traffic delays or when teenagers have late ballgames but their siblings are hungry at the regular dinner time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are all the rage. They are sleek, industrial, contemporary, and everyone wants them. The good news about stainless steel appliances is that they match every type of décor imaginable. On top of that, their once high-maintenance appearance is now made much easier with the wealth of cleaning products out there for the purpose of cleaning these appliances. It’s now a lot simpler to maintain the showroom luster of these products.

Hidden Appliances

There are some appliances which have facades that completely integrate with the rest of the look of the kitchen. Their look may mimic the look of the cabinets and are camouflaged. You see this mostly with refrigerators, especially extra-large fridges which might otherwise stand out too much in a kitchen. Or, you might design the built-in cabinetry to tightly encase the fridge, making it stand out less than it would otherwise.

Color Accents

We have done a neat kitchen that was all white with black hardware and other accents. But, the range had bright green knobs which matched the cushions of the island stools. That little color difference was enough contrast to make the room fun and less of a sterile white kitchen. It said that cleanliness was a virtue, but that the kitchen was also a fun place where families can join and laugh.

Double Oven

Consider a double oven if you are a cook who likes to multi-task, or if you are often having large dinner parties where you may need to cook two large dishes at once, or maybe bake a cake for dessert while preparing a lasagna. If you opt for double ovens, you can be more flexible with where you place the cooktop. You could even place the range on the kitchen island so that you could bring food to your family’s plates directly in front of them.

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