Proper window installation is the single most important factor for any window project- arguably more important than selecting the right window.  The results of an improper installation can be disastrous- especially in Portland, Oregon. To make matters worse, you may not be aware that your windows are leaking until it’s too late. To avoid costly repairs caused by water damage and mold, choose an experienced waterproofing window installer that is licensed and insured in window installation in Portland, Oregon and follows the manufacturers install guidelines and/or industry accepted standard  guidelines. Professional installers will utilize as many water barriers as possible- fin installations, header metal flashing, weatherboard installed continuous waterproofing tape, and the highest quality industrial sealants available.

At Paul Cottle Construction, we are one of the top companies for window installation in Portland, Oregon. We get a large part of our business from installing windows, and you can trust that with us, you are dealing with experts. We work with you to make sure you get the exact windows that you want and need, both in form and function. You want to make a change to the windows in your home for many reasons – make sure you cover all your bases and get a great installer as well as a great window.