Portland Basement Before & After

If your basement is being wasted as storage space for things you meant to throw out ages ago, now is the perfect time to renovate the unused space into something that your family can really enjoy. A basement renovation creates usable space for you and your family to expand, whether you use the extra space as a family room, space for hobbies, or as a game room. These fresh ideas will help you decide how to use the space and how to get started on the project successfully.

Getting Started

Basement remodeling in Portland begins with looking for ideas that you and your family can use to create a space that everyone actually benefits from. For instance, some families may prefer a multi-functional space that incorporates a family room along with other features. You will need to look at the size of the basement to determine exactly how much room you have for each aspect of the renovation. You will also need to decide on a budget to ensure you can complete the project on schedule, without overspending.

Exercise, Hobbies, and Play Time

Basement remodeling in Portland includes any of the following ideas:

Exercise space

Create an area for exercise by installing supportive flooring, exercise equipment, or even a television for watching fitness DVDs.

Play area for kids

An area with plush carpeting and kid-safe features allows the children to play while you work in another area of the basement.

Space for hobbies

From scrapbooking to making your own microbrews, hobbies require space. You can add any furnishings and features that you like to make an area that you love spending time in.

The features that you install during your basement renovation are important to consider. For instance, your lighting should be chosen based on what you are going to use the space for. If you are using the area for a guest bedroom, for example, traditional lighting will work well. If you want to paint in the basement, you will need other lighting options. Take the time to determine which features will be used often and which are optional based on your budget.

Choosing Features

Basement remodeling in Portland can be as simple as finishing the room with paneling and adding a hardwood floor, leaving the space open for you to use in different ways over time. When completing a basement renovation in Portland, your remodeling team can help you choose the features that fit your personal needs best. Don’t forget to go through the city for any permits, and if you need help along the way, I am here for you