Selecting the Right window is half the task.  The second half of the task is even harder, finding the right installer and we’ll get to that next. Let’s start with selecting the right window for your home.  There are easily over 100 brands of windows to choose from and they are not all alike. A daunting task. We do not represent one window manufacturer because one size doesn’t fit all. There are so many variables, no single window manufacturer could possibly achieve such a feat. It would be wrong to sell a window to a customer just because that’s the only window we sell.  Paul Cottle has over 30 years experience buying and installing windows. Like any experienced professional, he has narrowed down the selection of the finest quality windows for the best price to three categories-good, better and best. Paul Cottle’s time-tested criteria for all categories:

How long has the manufacturer been building windows and how well have their windows held up. Do their vinyl frames yellow over time or sag? Do the panes tend to leak and fog up?  Do they have a good reputation?How good is their warranty? .Is there an escape clause? Do they honor their warranties? Do they cover parts and labor?

If choosing vinyl windows, how is the frame chambered for strength and insulation qualities? What is the quality of the vinyl used? How much titanium dioxide is used in the extrusion process? This expensive ingredient gives the pure white color and if used sparingly, the vinyl will prematurely yellow.

Are the windows AAMA(American Architectural Manufacturers Association) or of equivalent high quality standard? Visit  for more info.

Is the manufacturer committed to reducing their environmental impact? And does the manufacturer adhere to green practices?

Vinyl windows are very energy efficient, sustainable, made of environmentally friendly materials that last for decades and can be recycled. Wood is also sustainable and energy efficient but is susceptible to rot and termites so requires more maintenance but can last indefinitely.

Locally manufactured windows have less impact on the environment and fossil fuels and provide jobs locally.

All the brands we carry must meet all or most of the above criteria. If you can find a better brand of equal or better quality dollar for dollar, we will add it to our product line.