Portland Remodeling Permit

If you live in Portland and you want to remodel your home or your business premises, then you need to know about permits and how to get the right permit for the job. You need to look at the different categories your remodeling project falls under and how to get a permit for that particular job.

Permits for Commercial Structures

You need permits for commercial and residential construction or demolition, and what you may not know is that you may also need a permit to undertake plumbing or electrical work on a building in Portland. If you want to build a new residential or commercial property then you will need a building permit. You may also need a site clearance project, for example demolishing an existing construction or clearing trees from the land.

Depending on where you are when you are looking for how to get permits for remodeling, you may also need to find out whether there are specific rules in a particular zone. If you undertake repairs on an existing structure you will need permits for structural, plumbing and electrical repairs. If you are building something that is higher than six feet then you will also need a building permit. You should take a look at the rules of commercial structures for different uses, as some of the rules differ, for example day care centers or upgrades to disabled access will need building permits.

Portland Residential Remodeling Permits

Permits for residential remodeling are very similar to those needed for commercial enterprises. If you want to add a garage or a shed to an existing property and they are over ten feet high, you will need a building permit along with your remodel permit. You will also need a building permit if you want to add a swimming pool or spa onto your home.

Should you wish to add a new roof to an existing structure, then providing you leave the existing structural sheath in place, you will not need a building permit. Replacement guttering is also one of the few things for which you do not need a permit.

If you want to add new windows or doors to your residential property you will need a building permit. It can be confusing and complicated to deal with the city on your when you go about acquiring permits. If you have a competent, licensed contractor help you, it should be easier.