Homeowners normally find remodeling a home is a stressful event. That is why at Paul Cottle Construction we want our customers to ask questions so they will know what to expect as the work progresses. Following are the most frequently asked questions. Contact us today if you have other questions or concerns.

1. How can I stick to my budget when remodeling?

We will give you accurate estimates and review your budget with you. We will make suggestions to keep you within your budget and still accomplish your main goals.


2. How can I tell which remodel I should work on first?

Decide whether adding value to the home or your own desires are more important and aim for a balance. Kitchens are more expensive but add more dollar value. Bathrooms cost less but will give good return on your investment. Both updates will add convenience and comfort.

3. How long will the project take? Can I stay in my home?

That depends on the remodel you select. We at Paul Cottle Construction will discuss specifics with you before the work begins.


4. Do I need to be involved in the process?

That will be your choice. We welcome your questions and we abide by your decisions. We remain accessible to talk with you throughout the project.


5. How can I remodel and update without losing my home’s original charm?

Our objective at Paul Cottle Construction is to enhance the charm and originality of the home. The goal is to improve without going overboard and we work to keep the unique style of your home.


6. How can I prepare for unusual situations that may arise?

It is important to expect the unexpected, as no one is prepared for everything that could happen. At Paul Cottle Construction, we work to resolve situations as quickly as possible.


7. How do I know who will work on my home? Do you outsource interior designers, architects, and so on? Can I have references for anyone who comes to my home?

At Paul Cottle Construction, we understand your concerns. We work with a team of talented interior designers, architects, landscapers and other specialists who are reputable and known to us. We will not bring someone to your home with whom we are not familiar. We can get references from each professional upon request before your project begins.

Call Paul Cottle Construction today to discuss your remodel or building plans. We can help you achieve the home of your dreams.