Sometimes in the life of a house, the whole kitchen must be re-done. When you move into an older home in one of our Portland neighborhoods, you often find outdated kitchens. This is an opportunity to let your creativity shine. We Portlanders are so good at being creative, but I wanted to write a blog post to discuss more about kitchen makeovers and to give you brilliant people some ideas. I had a few ideas on some possible approaches to kitchen makeovers.

Dine-In Kitchens

Dine-in kitchens are something most everyone wants. It’s perfect when we can eat a simple meal right in the kitchen. So, when re-creating the kitchen, consider installing an island in the kitchen. These are functional for prepping food, can have storage under the counter area, and then when you pull up a few stools, the island becomes an informal dining spot for breakfast or late-night snacks. I’ve been known to eat dinner at mine.

More Creative Kitchen Dining Options

If you are short on space and cannot fit an island and maybe you do not want counter seating, you can take that wasted corner space and turn it into a cozy booth. You don’t need much space for a restaurant-style booth which lends a sense of European space-saving practicality, but also gives the kitchen an intimate spot for family dinners. Consider installing booth seats which can double as storage chests for special china, crock pots or your back-up library of cookbooks. You can even have the table raise and lower from the wall, giving you even more room to move around when it’s not in use.

New Appliances

Appliances are the engines which make your kitchen run. When you do a complete makeover, this is a chance to upgrade and modernize in very important ways. Take a look at the variety available these days. Do you want to get rid of your old electric range and go with natural gas? Do you want to put a microwave under the counter or over the standard stove? You can even add burners to your range above and beyond the traditional four going to five, six, or even eight burners. Be careful though – everyone will want dinner at your house!

Counter Options

Counters are often top on people’s list of things to upgrade. Granite is all the rage these days, but take a look at other options which may suit your needs just as well, but for a lower price point. Wood, concrete, or laminate counters can be purchased for a fraction of the price. Alternately, you could select quartz counters which are anti-microbial and easy to clean. Another clean and very modern option is to choose stainless steel for your countertop. Of course, you may need a different color for your appliances, since that is a lot of steel!

Cabinet Options

Cabinets are another area where redoing them changes the whole landscape of your kitchen. Consider simply repainting the cabinets with new hardware. You can do this as a DIY weekend project, if you are so inclined. However, if you really want a true makeover, then think of updating your cabinets as improving on the function of your kitchen. You can remove those cabinets that are always in the way or are hard to get to and really change the flow of your kitchen. Get cabinets where the shelves roll out so you no longer have to struggle or remove everything to get pots from the very back. Add a wine fridge, a special glass cabinet to display your finest and more. You can really get creative here.

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