The truth is anyone can claim the title of remodeling contractor. However, not everyone deserves to make that claim. You can do certain things to make sure you are hiring professionals who do good work, spend time listening to what you want and are licensed. A Portland Remodeling Contractor you can depend on will have more »

Paul Cottle Construction provides remodeling and renovation services to area clients. The business handles large and small projects efficiently. PRESS RELEASE: Portland OR, 08-MAY-2016 – Paul Cottle Construction and Paul Cottle CEO, are pleased to announce that they bring years of expertise to each remodeling project in the Portland area. The Portland remodeling contractor has more »

Finding the best renovation professional you can trust for your house’s improvement and upkeep jobs looks like a huge task. The project might even appear overwhelming. After all, you are delegating a huge task on one of the main areas in your house. There are some simple steps you can take that will eliminate much more »

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Paul Cottle Construction offers quality products and reliable experience to clients in the area. The renovation of residence is an option which more homeowners are selecting. PRESS RELEASE: Portland OR, 17-APRIL-2016 – Paul Cottle Construction and Paul Cottle CEO, are pleased to announce that they offer top quality options in renovations for homeowners in the more »

When an inexperienced homeowner takes on a remodeling project on his own, it can have disastrous results. There are unexpected details that can go wrong. He may not notice them until well into the project. Costly mistakes can be avoided by consulting a Portland Remodeling Contractor. For one thing, there are countless innovations available that more »