Homeowners everywhere know that keeping a home in top condition is not an easy task and is an expensive challenge. However, the owner finds that not keeping their home in top shape will cost them more in the future. For example, if windows are not replaced and updated a lot of issues, develop ending up more »

A new door can be a relatively minor update that changes and improves the entire look and feel of your house. Choosing the right door, whether internal or external, can prove to be a challenge, though. For external doors you need to take into account the appearance of your house, local weather conditions and resell more »

This Portland remodeling contractor saves homeowners money and time through window renovations with quality windows, meeting the demands of homeowners in and around the Portland area. Never forego quality for cheap unskilled labor and cheap materials. Remodeling a home is expensive especially for the top expensive options, siding, roof, foundation, and windows. Many homeowners DIY more »

Years ago, in great grandma’s day, people never closed their doors, and when they did, they had no worries about locking those doors. Many times all grandmas had between the inside home and out-of-doors was a wood framed screen door without a lock. Homeowners trusted the public to a higher degree than strangers in the more »

Doors are important – and we use them every day. The doors in your home become tired and battered quickly, they may start to sag and need to be re hung, or they may be damaged by pets scratching and children’s toys. New doors can also be a great way to improve and upgrade the more »