Learn about the design services at Paul Cottle Construction and get your free consultation today! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Portland, OR – May 20, 2017 – Paul Cottle Construction is pleased to announce that they offer free consultations for design services. For consumers looking to remodel their home, this offer is designed to help minimize the more »

If your home improvement includes structural elements such as building on additional rooms, moving or removing walls or other tasks that impact the foundation or structural integrity of your property, you should consider hiring an architect. An architect can provide a range of services related to their background in engineering, design and project management. Of more »

Water damage to your home is one of the worst things that can happen to your property, and all it takes is one strong storm or leaky pipe to quickly destroy parts of your home’s structure. After you have shut the water off and scheduled the proper repairs, it is important to act quickly to more »

  Mold and mildew play an important role in outdoor environments since they break down dead organic matter.  Indoors, however, they can pose serious health risks to you and your family.  If you discover mold and/or mildew growing inside your home, a local remodeling contractor in Portland can assist with removing problem as well as more »

 Whether you need design, architectural, engineering services, a simple repair or a major home remodel, with Paul Cottle Construction, you will always receive courteous and professional service from experienced contractors. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE……. If you are looking for a remodeling contractor in Portland that can make your home remodeling dream a reality, then Paul Cottle more »