Updating a home can be incredibly stressful, but enlisting the services of a qualified contractor can make the process relatively hassle-free.  A Portland remodeling contractor can choose from a comprehensive selection of services, including siding repair.   Siding enhances the home’s appearance and longevity, protecting it from the elements.  It also insulates the more »

    You could save a bundle on heating costs if use a Portland remodeling contractor to replace your older windows with new energy-efficient windows. Most of your potential savings will depend on the characteristics of your new windows compared to your old windows. If you have single pane aluminum windows, they don’t insulate your more »

If you are planning on any home remodeling in the primary rooms like bathrooms and kitchens, know that a Portland remodeling contractor stands ready to help you in many different ways. While remodeling can be a stressful time, a contractor removes all this stress and gets your new kitchen remodel job done in record time. more »

Do you need new windows? Sometimes, it’s obvious – you can see rotten frames or the like, or your windows are warped such that they either won’t close properly or won’t open. If you’re feeling a draft through your windows, they definitely need to go. If your heating or cooling bill is creeping upwards, it more »