Basement remodels are a somewhat tricky proposition. You need to be sure that you have adequate ceiling height and that the space is large enough for what you envision. Other issues such as lighting, heating, cooling, and design are also pressing. Basements are also known to have significant water issues and those must be addressed more »

Remodeling is often a scary financial prospect and basement work is no exception. There are so many possibilities in the basement and often so many issues to be overcome that we’d sooner build a new home than remodel the basement. However, you can turn your basement into a perfectly usable space for little money. This more »

In Portland, we’re lucky to have so many basements. Some places, such as Florida, don’t have many basements at all, due to the shallow water table. So, when we look around the area at basements, they seem to be a remodel job which offers the most in the way of variety. Most people don’t touch more »

There are many reasons homeowners should use the services of a Portland Bathroom Remodeling Contractor. Contracting with one of these experienced professionals is the best guarantee that the job will be done correctly. Projects like this should be handled by someone who has the knowledge and ability to do it right. One reason a person more »

The basement. It’s often neglected and relegated to storage, laundry, and maybe a small workshop. It’s generally dark down there, cold, and damp. However, there is a lot of space down there and Portland is lucky to have such a wealth of basements. Florida may have sunshine, but they do not have basements. So, in more »

Paul Cottle Construction is recognized as a top company offering bathroom remodeling in the Portland Oregon area. With emphasis on dependability and accurate work, customers are pleased to provide positive recommendations. PRESS RELEASE: Portland OR, 06-JANUARY-2014 – Paul Cottle Construction and owner, Paul Cottle, are proud to announce that they offer top quality services for more »