A remodel can enhance the appearance and functionality of your bath.  Bathroom remodeling contractors help you combine style, comfort, and practicality.  Recognizing that no two home-improvement projects are the same, contractors combine quality craftsmanship and the latest technology to achieve the results you want.

First, contractors work with clients to develop plans for the project.  That way, homeowners know exactly how it will look before the remodel gets underway. 

When planning a remodel, allow for as much open space as possible.  Bathroom remodeling contractors recommend 36 inches of clearance, although 42 inches beside the sink is optimal, especially if multiple people share the bathroom.  A professional contractor can provide suggestions on how to make the most of available space.

Making efficient use of space doesn’t just apply to walkways.  Including the right types of storage systems will help you avoid clutter.  Strategically-placed cabinetry and drawers allow you to keep personal care items organized.

Sinks should be placed so that they’re accessible as soon as you come into the bathroom.  Most bathrooms have two sinks installed in one cabinet, but you can also select two individual sinks mounted on separate cabinets, so counter space doesn’t have to be shared.

A bathtub can set the tone for the whole remodel, so give it a prominent place in the room.  Showers should be strategically-placed to restrict moisture to water-resistant areas.  Consider whether you prefer a shower with a curtain or a glass door.  Leave room in front of the shower for a mat or rug. 

The toilet should be out of the line of sight.  Some homeowners create a small separate room for the toilet.
A professional remodeling contractor can help you select the right materials for your project.  Bathroom amenities should be temperature- and water-resistant, easy to clean, and complement the room’s style.

Bathroom remodeling contractors provide the entire range of services, design, architectural and engineering, needed to complete your home-improvement endeavors.  Remodeling professionals work with you every step of the way to make the process as hassle-free as possible.