Portland Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling jobs are a great thing for a home. The bathroom is a key area where a homeowner can maintain or build value in her home. It’s important to be thoughtful in this major part of the evolution of your house, so I’ve written a post to share a few tips you can use when planning a bathroom remodel:

Assess Your Needs

First, it’s important to assess what you like and don’t like about your current bathroom. List off three of the most important things you like about the bathroom. What do you want to keep, even if you are upgrading it. Then list three things you dislike about the bathroom, even if it’s a problem which seems insurmountable, such as space, write it down. Then, use three words to describe your dream bathroom. If you happen to go beyond three, that’s okay. But, start with those three most important words. This type of assessment will  help you congeal the value you place on the bathroom and how you hope to improve it.

Who Uses the Bath?

Who will use the bathroom is probably one of the most important factors to consider. If elderly people or children use the bathroom, you will want to consider safety. Start thinking about items such as grab bars to assist in getting in and out of the bath. It may be important to install one near the toilet, too. For children, make sure that the floor is extra water-resistant for bath time. Perhaps this is a bath which you wish to use as a showcase for guests. In that case, start thinking about décor more than function. Write down three feelings you’d like a guest or other visitor to have when entering that bathroom.

Money Matters

Consider your budget. While our dreams may reach to the stars, it’s also important to look at the financial reality of the situation. Custom tile and fixtures are fantastic, but, with a little ingenuity, you can save money and find something even better. You might want to seek out salvaged vanities or fixtures, which may lend your bath a unique sense of style. You might even find a brand-new item which had to be removed for some unconnected reason. When you do this extra legwork, you’ll be all the more proud once the bathroom is finished.

Download a Free Guide

When you download our free guide to bathroom remodeling, you’ll find a ton of great tips and tricks to use as you approach building a new bath. The guide covers everything from the early assessment stages through to working with contractors and the actual construction phase. It’s a great workbook to review. Plus, it’s free!