basement stairs

Remodeling is often a scary financial prospect and basement work is no exception. There are so many possibilities in the basement and often so many issues to be overcome that we’d sooner build a new home than remodel the basement. However, you can turn your basement into a perfectly usable space for little money. This post will discuss how to remodel a basement on a budget. In this post, I’ll discuss these relevant topics:

• Water Issues
• Flooring
• Walls

Water Issues

Water issues are something you will have to face if you wish to turn your basement into a livable, workable space. You don’t want your possessions overtaken with mold or flooded after a week of serious Portland rain. So, take care of this immediately. You can have a foundation expert come to take look at the basement to determine whether or not it is adequately sealed for year-around daily use. If the foundation is not up to par for moisture, seek out a product like RadonSeal which will take care of any mold issues. As always, consult with a contractor to discover the best options for your basement. Even if you are on a budget, this is not an area to skimp on – a dollar saved today may cost more down the road.


For the flooring, your cheapest option is concrete stain. Not only is this an attractive solution, but it’s easy to apply and low-maintenance over the life of your basement. There are any number of stencils you can use in case you want to see a beautiful mural on the floor. Alternately, you may go for a solid color and find area rugs to compliment. If you do decide to install flooring, seek out a mold-resistant material such as ceramic tile, hardwood, and sapwood. If you use bamboo, try to ascertain whether or not it is completely dry material. Bamboo with moisture present is far more likely to mold, but if cleaned and treated, there is a low chance of it returning.


Try to minimize the walls you have to build in the basement. To save on framing and sheet-rock, you might leave the perimeter walls bare. While bare cinder blocks may not be the most attractive thing in the world, you can always paint those walls or hang tapestries to beautify the area. If you wish to have just one large room in the basement, you might then decide to build framed walls around the perimeter.