Portland Basement Bathroom

Compared to some other parts of the country, Portland homes are fortunate to have so many full-sized basements which offer much needed storage space. They also offer homeowners the opportunity to expand their livable space in a creative and useful way. There is no better way to make way for the expanding needs of family, a home workshop, or a home office than to renovate your basement. A key element of this remodeling job will be a new bathroom.

Whether you’re doing a complete remodel or simply need an additional bath for the house, the basement is an ideal place for it. Using the existing space of the basement, there is no need to add on to the footprint of your house. The basement saves you money in that it provides one wall to use, and a sturdy foundation to work on. We can add a new window, if needed, or install the lighting you desire to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere in your new bath.

When we consider a new bathroom, it’s vital to assess the proper placement. The most cost effective spot is often in-line with the existing plumbing, however special concerns may arise which we can navigate.

I offer a wide array of options for bathroom fixtures and lighting, and can suit any particular needs you may have. We can use reclaimed materials for the eco-conscious consumer, or use new materials made from sustainable resources for an ultra-modern, yet earth-friendly, approach. We can look at materials such as bamboo, tile, and fixtures which reduce water usage without sacrificing utility or luxury. I’d put our custom tile work up against anyone.

Since we have many dark months, and due to the dark nature of the basement, it’s important to take particular note of the lighting in the new bathroom. While a direct outside source of light may not be possible, a large egress window can afford the safety and beauty of natural, ambient light which streams in without a harsh glare.

For privacy, we can look at frosted glass or other options. We may even consider replacing part of the wall with glass-block, which is 100% opaque, an insulating product, and which offers a soft light even on winter days. We can work on the best way to integrate your practical and creative ideas to result in a bathroom you will be proud of.

Adding a new bathroom to the basement also makes good sense as a long-term investment for you and your family. Home values increase both when space is finished and heated and with the addition of a new bathroom, so the work will pay dividends in the future.