Portland Attic Bathroom

Portland has a wealth of older homes with accessible attics. We often use them for playrooms, offices, and bedrooms. They offer us great views, even on gray days, and, once remodeled, much appreciated space. While many include handy stairways for access, the original builders often didn’t include a bathroom in this space. When you think of remodeling your attic, think from the top and add a bath to the space where you spend so much time.

Whether you want a full luxury bath, complete with a bounteous tub, a three-quarter with a custom tile shower stall, or a half bath for convenience, we can customize facilities to best suit your needs. Not only can we install the cabinets and fixtures which suit your lifestyle, but we can outfit your bathroom with a skylight, which will add a feeling of openness and lightness, making the bathroom a treat to visit. Imagine bathing under the night sky, even in the middle of winter. Think of the morning glow the sun offers early in the morning. What a way to start a day!

Whether you prefer a modern look or an eco-conscious approach, I can install the perfect attic bath to improve the way you live in your house. Reclaimed, refinished wood for cabinets and recycled granite counter tops shine just as well as any other. We can select the proper balance of light and dark, modern or rustic, to match the look of your attic roost. Remodeling offers an excellent opportunity to be creative in your home and the special challenges of an attic allow us to create a surprising, fun, and functional space.

Since we are working in the attic there are special concerns. Older homes may require additional insulation, work on the stairway for accessibility, or the addition of wider windows for proper egress. We can work with you to take these matters into consideration, and to make sure that all the proper permits are obtained in a timely fashion. We want you to be comfortable, happy, and safe.

In order to save money and extra work, we will consult with you on the proper placement for your new bathroom. It’s always best to install new plumbing in line with the existing water lines, so this will impact the livable space. We are experts on working with space to maximize the utility of both spaces.

Finally, since two major factors in home value are kitchens and bathrooms, adding a luxurious, useful bath to your attic space will increase the value of your home. But, you’ll never want to leave once we’re through!