Are Milgard Windows Any Good?

Milgard windows are a favorite of mine for a few reasons. I like doing business with a local vendor for a variety of reasons. Their products are outstanding and offer my customers a great value. Lastly, and not least, they offer customer service after the sale so that my customers have someone to call just in case anything goes wrong or if they have a question.

Milgard is a local company

Outstanding, award-winning products

Full Lifetime Warranty

I love the Pacific Northwest for many reasons, so when I found a window vendor who is as high quality as Milgard, I had to investigate. When I work with a local vendor I have a peace of mind that I don’t get when I use products made in, say, Minnesota. I like Minnesota, but since their headquarters is only a few hours away, I know that a special order can get to me faster than if I were ordering from half a continent away; that makes me feel good as a businessman. Then, I like to support the Pacific Northwest and the thousands of employees who work for Milgard in Tacoma.

As far as the quality goes, they are made in our climate, for our climate. Since they’ve been in business for over 50 years, you know they’re doing something right. Plus, they’ve won so many awards, including Builder Magazine’s Best Quality award five times, including the previous two years.

We all know that products often have problems, or maybe there’s some question about how to properly work with a window. Milgard offers a full life time warranty on their products. This is a major reason I use them. My customers might not understand what makes different windows different from one another or really much care about Milgard’s location, but they do like hearing that their windows are guaranteed by a full, not limited, lifetime warranty which is good for as long as you reside in your home.

I stand by the work I do on Portland homes and part of that is making sure that the pre-made items I install are of the absolute best quality. If a window has a leak, that reflects on my company first, no matter how well my man installed it. So, that’s why I choose Milgard windows for my customers. This way, everyone is happy with their new remodeling job.


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